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How Does That Make You Feel?

[Voice post - it sounds like Emo's on the phone with someone, but only his side of the conversation is audible. It sounds like he's rolling back and forth on a computer chair, idly.]

...I mean don't get me wrong, sheriff. It's not like I'm not grateful or nothin'. Shit, far from it. Tranquility or prison isn't exactly a hard choice, LOL.

[A pause.]

I dunno, I'm just - I didn't realize that when y'all said nowhere else, you meant it. You never realize how small this town is until it's goddamned right in your face. [Sheepish pause.] Yeah, I'm sorry. Yo, put a coin in the jar for me and I'll pay you back, if it'll make you feel better.

[He stops rolling, suddenly.] Yeah, I know. Gramps was a real ff- uh, a real jerk. ...No, I dunno why I'm humorin' your stupid swearing problem. ...WTF, you think I just listen to you 'cos you're a sister? Hell nah, sheriff. I'm just feelin' kinda woobie tonight, y'know?

...Yeah, I know I ain't supposed to be drinkin' and I haven't been. Can't a guy talk to a pretty girl once in a while? Woman, right, right. Man, stop makin' me feel young, sheriff, I fuckin' hate that.

[A long pause, with the sound of a muffled lecture from the other end of the phone. Emo's suspiciously silent - he even puts the thing on speakerphone so he can use both hands to type, which you can hear now. There's a woman lecturing him about cursing to a police officer - and in general - on the other end.]

"And you know, you coulda taken some kinda leaf from your Grampa's book. Emo, he was the Typist, and here you are talking like some gangbanger who wouldn't know good language if it came up and bit you!"

[More silence, then-] Shut the fuck up, sheriff, and don't you talk about my grandfather to me.

[There's the sound of the "END" button on his cell getting pressed and then he's back in silence. After a minute, there's a grunt and the sound of plastic dropping onto his desk - sounds like he's taken off his mask.]

Good God, does it hurt. Never shoulda talked back to her. Should've taken prison, at least I didn't get the illusion that I could leave there. Goddamn it, shouldn't even'a called her. The Hell am I doin'?

[The feed ends.]
Tags: emo is emo lol, grandaddy issues, how does that make you feel, virus
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