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[RL with Kirk - are you afraid of the dark?]

[Emo knows that, logically, there's nothing really awful going on here. His mask is gone - so what? Go to bed, sleep through the day, call in sick to work, it'll be fine after the virus wears off. It has to be a virus too because he doesn't just misplace his eyes. But there are sounds in his house and it's a shitty place with shitty locks and what if the virus has nothing to do with the sounds? What if there's - what if someone's in here and he can't see so he can't fight them off and what if they lock him in a closet and burn the goddamned place down or something? He doesn't know what people might do to him and that's the worst part.

At least he can maybe help out Kirk, and then not focus on this, but shit, he can't just wander around without the goddamned mask because that'll put everyone off their fucking lunch. Dinner. God it's so early in the morning, he could just go to sleep -

He struggles out of his room, moves through the living room by memory and reaches the kitchen, groping around for a towel and throwing it over his face before collapsing into a chair - or, misplacing the chair and instead collapsing to the floor.] Fuck!
Tags: rl: captain crunch, virus
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