The Emoticon (cannotemotealie) wrote,
The Emoticon

OOC: Christmas Presents

This is belated but I gotta post it so everybody knows:

Jim Kirk: an annoyingly flimsy RC model of the Enterprise and a burned copy of both of Lady Gaga's CDs. If you can't play it, sucks to be you.

Claire: a $10 Starbucks giftcard (you know, because everyone's gotta get one and they... should work between worlds, why not).

Sylar:: ...What did I say he was getting him? OH YEAH A DR. PHIL BOOK. :) And something forreals since he's not a complete dick, like... RUTHI HELP ME OUT.

Veronica: A stuffed unicorn. :( look he's running on a budget, the real one's gonna have to wait until next payday.

If I missed anyone, let me know, but these are the only three I can remember with me being like... asleep.
Tags: !ooc
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